Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm sorry...did I just give you my {witty disease here}?

Ok so I know that as barista's we should expect to be treated as the scum of the universe...god forbid we actually have nice little lives outside of the coffee shop. god forbid we actually have hopes and dreams and *gasp* feelings.

I am quite used to being regarded as a piece of trash littered on the side of the road or next in line to homeless people...but sometimes, sometimes, I just get a little more peeved then usual.

Like today. I cannot for the life of me understand the ways people hand over their money to avoid contact with us like we are some sort of diseased human. Like we might magically give them polio or herpes or some other disease just by merely exchanging pocket change. In fact, the mere thought of our skin on theirs probably makes them nauseous.

Let's address this first: Wads of money piss the fuck out of me. Fair enough your wallet is like a black hole but don't dig in it, separate the shit from the bills and then hand me this wad of cash. Oh right. I not only do I make your coffee i get to sort out this mess of bills? Don't you have the decency to unfold them at least?! You don't even know if there is enough there!

Second, we have already spoken (long ago) about change. I hate it. Regardless...don't count out your change purse onto the counter and then just leave it there for me to pick up like a damn beggar! Hand it to me damnit!

Third don't fucking leave your money on the counter and then just walk away. Maybe I wanted to ask you about your day as I counted the money? Yeah? But no. Instead you just leave me to my "job" and go about your merry way. HAND ME THE FUCKING MONEY LIKE I AM A CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING!

Lastly, just because you have exact change does not give you the right to jump in front of the line and have priority. You think we were going to have a little dance for you because you got out your nickels and dimes this morning? Get over yourself.

I seriously think that sometimes customers get some sick amusement out of playing these little games with us. Like while we turn our backs to pour their coffee..they like "hide" their credit card and then when we ask for payment they just roll their eyes and go..."Ummm, it's right there" Oh shit, sorry. The eyes on the back of my head aren't working well today and I MISSED THAT.

Or when they hold their change super close to them so that you have no choice but to literary reach over the counter and get it, once again, like a beggar.


La ReinaLexa said...

Guilty as wallet is a black hole so I have to put the money down so I can stuff the other money (or change) back into the wallet. :\

(And this is because I have SO MUCH money. Shit, I rarely even buy anything more than lunch at school, and even THAT is not my own $$$)

Kara said...

I'm amidst writing a blog entry about the annoyances of customer service right now. This is precisely one of my points. I like your blog, you say what we're all thinking!

Emma said...

Since I started reading this blog, I really have tried to be politer to my baristas. Honest!

Luwanda said...

The worst is when people (usually men) toss the money across the counter at you. I'm not a stripper! I sell lotions, not lap dances so don't toss me your bills like I'm up on stage.

KiKi said...

Since I started reading this blog I am uber polite to the baristas manly so my "evil" doings aren't spread across a blog (just kidding)

The Momma Chronicles said...

Your blog has me burning my bra and shouting "Power to the people!" I knew there were rude people out there, but I had no idea they were the rule now rather than the exception. That su-hucks.

I promise to never ever toss money at you like you're a stripper if you promise to always count back my change. :-)

The Momma Chronicles said...

PS - I linked to you on my blog. Hope you don't mind?

shredz said...


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CresceNet said...

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New Team Member said...

Yeah, I work at a Target with a Starbucks now. And the baristas know me well. But they're pretty bitchy, so I would hope to stay in their good graces.

You haven't posted since October? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Consider that in some cultures it is actually considered rude to touch the shop assistant's/waiter's/barista's hand when handing over money.

constant_drama said...

I just stumble upon your blog but hey you know, I am actually friends and make a point to always be nice and polite the baristas and the coffee shops I go to.

Two of them I actually go and hang out not all of us is bad....but yes I feel your anger. I worked at an Ice Cream place before. Children are the worst.

(R)evolver74 said...

I soooo relate. People suck.

Home Theater said...

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The Gentry said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE return to this blog, it's so good!

The Exception said...

it's official...

I <3 your blog!

You have been linked...again it seems from the comments here.

I am glad someone understands the stresses of customer services. People can be just plain stupid sometimes. And you're correct, there needs to be a plan to rid the Earth, to create a superior being...

*makes evil eyes*

seralouisa said...

i have just discovered you blog. it's made my day !

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olla said...

so funny, i had the same experience when I was working in retail! I'm sorry, people are mean!

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