Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Goddamn cell phones

Does anyone else have issues with cell phones in public places? It drives me fucking crazy. Whether they are ordering their drink, sitting in the lobby talking loudly, driving on the street and/or riding the subway, it seems that people these days just can't get off the damn things.

This one lady (the lady in my "Bitch wants to be a regular" post) comes in EVERYDAY on her phone. No joke. Every. fucking. day. Sometimes she calls her bill companies, sometimes her mom or dad, sometimes a friend and sometimes she has these super intense conversations that practically force everyone to just stare at her. "Girl, you did so good. Just leave him. You are so much better then that asshole. Be strong girl, be strong."

This morning I was SO not in the mood. And it is only more frustrating that she is consistently on the phone...anywhoo this morning I more or less ignored her.

She orders her drink and gives me her card, I run it, give it back and then literally turn to the next customer and say "good morning."

Well she didn't like that so much. She kind of just stared at me like "where is my thank you?" I seriously wanted to scream "I CAN'T FUCKING THANK YOU WHEN YOU ARE ON THE FUCKING PHONE?!?!"

But as we all know I just ignored her.

It just drives me nutty. Is anyone with me on this one? I find it to be so rude and selfish and the world fucking resolves around them. Like it's all going to end if they don't have this VERY important conversation.

My question is how to handle it. I realize my approach today was semi immature (I have that tendency) but there is seemingly no other way! Sometimes when I am feeling funny I like to ask a lot of questions so that they are almost forced to talk to me...but that takes so much energy.

Please tell me I am not the only one with this issue? And please give me a clever answer to this issue....

Oh and I apologize for the delay in posts. There are some "anonymous" bullies in the comments section and it took me a few days to get over it...fucking bullies. I don't know why they gots to rain on my parade...


Anonymous said...

Most people are self centered and arrogant.

For the cell phone people you should buy one of these:


Josefina Myrman said...

I think that you´ve done pretty much what you can do to point out to this woman how rude she is. If you can muster the energy the asking a lot of questions approach is probably the one that annoys her the most, though. And remember that bullying, thats never about you. They are just lonely, miserably and probably sexually unfullfilled, and you just happened to get caught in the crossfire...

daisybabie said...

Hey there! I hate cell phones, period. I dislike being so accessible and folks thinking they can butt into my personal time. If someone wants to talk, let's meet up somewhere soon. No need to have a cellie phone (gawd forbid bluetooth thingies) attached to the side of your head. That's my two cents on the topic.
Regarding how to deal with such people, do your customerly service duties and be done with it. She ordered coffee, she paid, and the coffee was sent through to be made. End of story. No need to be super polite when she was behaving so rudely. I hope that helps a bit. Don't let the minute number of peeps with social handicaps of any sort get to you.
Heck at least she was picking her nose before handing you her credit card/cash! :o)

ryan d said...

i'm with you on this one. there's no other way to describe it than just plain rude. Sucks that those of us in food service MUST oblige them.

Nothing a good night at the pub won't wash away though!

Irene said...

Unfortunately people just become worse and worse with how much they expect of customer service people and how littel respect they give them. It always saddens me when I smile at someone behind the counter and have them so vocally and gratefully appreciating that I'm not yelling at them. . .

By the by, love reading your stories and just ignore those damn bullies. They don't appreciate you like we do! I think you vent about all this in a very mature, very cheerful, and very amusing manner!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave a comment saying your blog is HILARIOUS! Keep up the good work, and it is a shame that us readers get to read this kick-ass material because you're unfortunate enough to deal with jackasses who masqerade themselves as customers.

jen said...

I'm with daisybabe- your responsibility to provide coffee and not be excessively rude, clearly you don't owe shits like anything more.

Although, perhaps she has some strange disorder- i.e. like those women who say they feel vulnerable without makeup, maybe she feels vulnerable and self conscious if she's not permanently attached to her phone? We should all feel sorry for her, poor thing. She'll probably get cancer or sumthin' (was that too crass?)

Anonymous said...

you're sorta like the scary barista of doom.

but i really like this blog.

crowfive said...

I always liked telling the person on their cellphone to tell whoever they were talking to that I said "Hi". Just interrupt them and go "Hey, tell them I said hi". Or, "Does your friend want a drink too?". It always pisses them off and you were just being polite and courteous.

Subtle insults, where the person can't really tell if your insulting them or not are the best.

Netchem said...

i wasn't even going to comment on this until i read ur last statement
whats up w/ those ass holes who decide to comment(Anonymously at that) and have to be ssooo fuckin rude

i guess its jealousy=)

Princess Poochie said...

I totally agree with crowfive. I work in a service industry as well (advertising). My favorite way to respond is to give the insulting person a very direct look right into their eyes and I would say something along the lines of: "I'm sorry. I didn't want to interrupt your phone conversation." And leave it at that. Either they will be mollified with that or they will get that you are really giving them a smack back. Because you do it in totally neutral way, they can't really blame you or get you in trouble. Your strong direct stare back shows you aren't backing down and don't take shit.


Allison Landa said...

Why give her the respect she hasn't earned?

I got to your blog by Googling "telling people to get off their cell phones", btw.

whiteapple said...

Cell phones are the downfall of our society! Retail/service sucks bad enough without having the customers just plain ignoring you whilst they chat to someone of more importance!
I usually just make myself seem busy doing other things until I hear them say excuse me about 3 or 4 times. Then I pull out the old "Oh, sorry. Were you talking to me? I thought you were still on the phone." bit. The rest of the transaction is silent.
ta da!

Ana said...

I hate cell phones too, if someone is texting while they come up to me, begging to see an adviser or the dean, but they can't get off their cell phone, I just simply start a new project, or get up and walk away, when I come back, and they are OFF their cell phone I treat them like a new person.

another pet peeve is with my peers at dinner, if you need to check your phone every 5 seconds you must have SOMETHING important going on, no, nothing, then PUT IT DOWN! have a normal conversation, or excuse yourself.

anyways, I love your blog.

Love, Ana

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