Sunday, August 19, 2007

You are turning down a freebie!?

So the other day I was the barista on bar. We were mildly busy so while I made the hot drinks my fellow barista Nick made the cold.

There is a Tall green tea frappuccino in the line and Nick goes to make it. Forgetting that there is already a cup out...he grabs a grande and pours it in. Hands it to me, realizes it was supposed to be a tall but who cares as anyone would CLEARLY be happy to receive free frappuccino.

Apparently not. I call it out, and tell the girl that we accidentally made it a grande instead of a tall - Is that ok with her (who in their right mind would say no...)

"Well, is it like bigger then the other one?"

"Yeah, by about 4 ounces."

"Oh. well. I probably won't drink it all, but whatever." Mind you she says this in an annoyed tone...

WHATEVER?!? WHATEVER!! Oh no you did not just say "whatever" to a freebie.

Seriously though, who makes a big deal out of freebies. Haven't we discussed this before? I thought everyone wanted extras for free for christ's sake!

I was SO tempted to take the grande and pour it into the tall cup and then stare at her while I threw the excess away.


daddylikeyblog said...

What the hell? Where do these people come from? Who spawns them? Why do they exist?
Once Nick and I went to Burgerville, and we both ordered meals with diet sodas because we were trying to be a fit couple and wean ourselves off their milkshakes. Lo and behold, they accidentally make two large milkshakes that nobody wants and ask if we want them. Did we take them and drink them? Hell yeah we did. Because we have honor.

Princess Poochie said...

That's like turning down a free upgrade on a plane. Who says no?

Loser morons. That's who.


Emma said...

Quelle BITCH. I would be dancing on the ceilings for a freebie.

ChewwyCaramel said...

maybe she was accustomed to indulging in a certain amount of greentea. hah. i get angry when i have one too many mrs.fields cookies. i keep eating b/c hey, its there! & later i regret/ blame all who enabled me to have em

bigglassesgirl said...

just found your blog - we are kindered spirits. I used to be a barista, and let me tell you the looks of disdain and disgust I received while giving out samples of drinks in those tiny cups could have frozen hell. 'what is that - you want me to accept a drink (that is equivalent to maybe 1 sip) that I didn't personally customize and alter. And you dare admit that that frap isn't light? the nerve!' is basically what I came across on a daily basis.

Katie Rosemary said...

Came across your blog via Kingdom of Style, I bloody love it.
And that girl was obviously an escaped psycho... I would've poured the excess over her sour face.
And that is why I am not a barista.